About Us


DJ-LLC Integral Services Group, S.L.

C/ San Fernando 6, 39010 Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Our Objective

DJ-LLC Integral Services Group is a culture-oriented service entity. The objective of our services is to facilitate the interactions between Spanish and Chinese societies (corporations and individuals alike).

Over the past decade, interactions between Spain and China have been growing at a fast pace never seen before. This new trend results from the attraction of the massive Chinese market for Spanish corporations and individuals. It is also reflects a re-discovery by China and the Chinese people of the Spanish value, from natural beautify to artistic aspiration, and from domestic products to social structure. The mutual attraction between Spain and China is manifested by the emergence of Chinese investment and Chinese settlement in Spain, and by the showcases of Spanish images brought to China by Spanish governments and private citizens.

While these interactions come with great enthusiasms from both countries located on the opposite sides of the Eurasian continent, obstacles derived from cultural and language barriers nonetheless are holding back these interactions from producing desirable fruits.

Our mission is to promote the mutual understanding between the Spanish and Chinese societies at various levels by providing culture-intensive services. Our services range from programs that can have immediate benefits to our customers (e.g. special tour arrangement, real estate purchase assistance and immigration packages, etc.) to more complex projects that have long-lasting and more profound impact on both societies (e.g. exchange programs, language and culture services, etc).