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Opportunities in Spanish Real Estate Market

Spain’s natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, diverse gastronomy, high standard of living and reasonable living costs have always made it an attractive place for foreigners who want to buy vacation home or investment property abroad.

In addition to the relative low price-to-quality ratio in Spanish real estate properties that have attracted foreign buyers to Spain, the big drop in housing price during the Spanish financial crisis has been yet another great investment incentive for foreigners to buy Spanish property. Indeed, more foreign buyers have come to the Spanish real estate market in recent years than before, and the number of foreign buyers as well as the proportion of foreigners in the Spanish property buyer population have both increased significantly. For instance, property transaction registry data showed that in the year of 2012 over 20% of property buyers in Spain are foreign nationalities.

Recent economic data have all suggested that the Spain’s housing market had bottomed out in the first quarter of 2013, together with the improvement of Spanish financial conditions and economic outlook. With the recovery of Spain’s economy, housing demand will revitalize itself, which in turn will push up the property values in the years to come.

For people who are looking for overseas investment opportunities, it might be the right time right now to take advantage of the depressed Spanish housing market and acquire a share of the high quality Spanish real estate market. An investment portfolio containing Spain’s real estate property is positioned for a greater growth potential.

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