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New Residency Program for Foreign Buyers

Up to 2012, people from the European Union countries have made up the majority of foreign buyers of Spanish property, whereas the access to the Spanish housing market by non-EU residents has been hindered by Spain’s strict residency policy applied to non-EU nationals.

To attract property buyers from non-EU countries, the Spanish government announced in November 2012 that it was on the track of granting Spanish resident status to non-EU nationals who purchase Spanish properties. This proposal had been approved by the Spanish parliament and the new residency law came into effective on September 28, 2013.

This new law offers a great incentive to non-EU nationals who love the quality life in Spain and have the financial means to enjoy it to invest in Spain’s real estate market. Since the announcement of this initiative, the registry of Spanish real estate transaction has been showing big increases each month in the number of Spanish real estate property bought by non-EU nationals.

If you plan to invest in Spanish real estate, or to immigrate to Spain, you might now want to combine these two goals together so that you can maximize the benefits from your adventure.

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