Service Request

Our customers can choose one or multiple service packages provided by DJ-LLC Integral Services. To streamline the delivery of our services to you, we recommend our customers the follow our Service Request Procedure.

Service Request Procedure

(1) Contact our Customer Services Department about your questions and service requests, or fill out the Services Request Forms (see below) and send it back to our Customer Services Department (;

(2) We will send you the requested information and related service details for your further consideration;

(3) If you wish, you can schedule a meeting with us to further discuss about your needs and specifics of our services;

(4) Once you have decided to retain our services, our Main Office will send you a tailored Service Contract for you to review;

(5) If you decide to retain our services, you sign the Service Contract and send it back to our Main Office along with supporting documents as requested;

(6) To ensure un-interrupted communication between you and us during the entire service period, we require that you update us on your contact information whenever a change occurs;

(7) You may request further information and services at any time.

What Happens Next After You Have Retained Our Services

After retaining our services, a customer can expect the services to be carried out following these steps:

(1) After receiving the signed Service Contract and supporting documents from you, we will send you a copy of the signed Service Contract and a case number for your own record;

(2) We will start carrying out the services stated in the Service Contract immediately;

(3) At each stage of the contracted services, we will update you on the actions that we have taken and the outcomes of these actions;

(4) We might request additional information or documents from you along the process of service delivery;

(5) You might be asked to make an overseas trip to Spain or China during the service period, if the nature of the contracted services demands such an effort;

(6) Upon completion of the contracted services, we will provide our customers a Final Report of the services that had been requested by and have been delivered to customers.

Service Request Forms

Click on the links below to open and download the fillable Service Request Form for services of your interest:

Service Request Form – Language & Culture
Service Request Form – Spain Opportunity
Service Request Form – China Opportunity
Service Request Form – Immigration & Relocation