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This section contains the following contents:

1. Spain’s Strength In Technology Innovation
2. Continuous Demand in Technology Innovation
3. Leading Technologies From Spain
4. How We Help

1. Spain’s Strength in Technology Innovation

Spanish government encourages innovation in business and technology through various incentive programs. Spain holds a leading position in renewable energy technology and waste processing technology in the world. These technologies are badly needed by countries and regions where energy supply is scarce and management of city waste becomes a challenge.

2. Continuous Demand in Technology Investment and Innovation

While applying the existing technologies in daily activities, Spain is in a continuous effort to attract inventors and investors to the field of technology innovation. This is an industry of the future, and industry for people with vision.

3. Leading Technologies from Spain

3.1. Renewable Energy Technology

There are two major types of renewable energy technology: Wind Power Technology and Solar Power Technology. Powered by its advanced renewable energy technology, Spain is the 3rd largest wind power energy producer in the world, and the 1st country to have installed solar energy power plant. Today, renewable energy constitutes a large portion of energy consumed in Spain. In the region of Castilla-León, for instance, 70% electricity is generated by renewable energy technology.

3.2. Waste Treatment Technology

Spain has advanced technology and infrastructures in waste management. These technologies are implemented in areas such as city sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, city trash processing, waste-energy conversion, etc.

4. How We Help

We will listen to your investment interests and needs, identify target investment project for you, bridge the gaps between your investment objectives and the demands from the technology holders, finalize the investment agreement, and complete all the necessary documentations required by law.


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