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With the mutual interest between Spain and China growing each year over the past decade, more and more people from these two countries are ready to explore the opportunities on the other side of the relationship. Elite Chinese are attracted to Spain by its high quality of life, stable social structure, protection of private property, and superior public education system. Spaniards, on the other hand, are drawn to China by its massive market, splendid job opportunities, mysterious history, and natural beauty.

At DJ-LLC Integral Services, we offer legal and logistic assistance to our customers who are interested in leading a new life in a foreign land.

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Move from China to Spain

Immigration to Spain
Study in Spain
Work in Spain

Move from Spain to China

Work in China
Study in China
Immigrate to China

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Immigration Services

Express Immigration to Spanish (Property-for-Residence Program)
Application for Spain Permanent Residence & Citizenship
Spain Work Visa Application
Spain Student Visa Application
Expedited Spain Visa Services
China Work Visa Application
China Student Visa Application
China Permanent Residence Application

Logistics Services

Institute-Program Selection and Application
Guardian Arrangement for Under-aged Children
Job Opening Notification
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