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Spain-China relations have developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the economic frontier. As a results, a growing number of individuals and corporations from both countries are eager pursue new opportunities in the re-discovered land across the entire Eurasian continent. These enthusiasms, however, are frequently met with frustrations derived from misunderstanding between the two cultures, let alone the language obstacle.

At DJ-LLC Culture & Language Center, a subsidiary of the DJ-LLC Integral Services Group, we provide services to both individuals and organizations to meet their language and culture needs. We believe that language and culture are two essential and inseparable elements of a better understanding between nations and between people from different nations. This philosophy is implemented throughout our programs and services.

Our language services include language programs for individuals, professionals, and corporations. One can choose to study the target language without leaving their home country (e.g. Spain or China) or to attend intensive training in a country where the target language is used as a first language by its residents (e.g. China for Mandarin Chinese, Spain for the Spanish). To help students overcome the inevitable cultural barriers in language learning, social and cultural elements of the target language are integrated into language teaching. In addition to language teaching, translation and interpretation services are also available as part of language services.

Our culture services include individualized tours to Spain and China, exchange programs for students and language teachers, culture consulting to corporation, and business travel coordination. Language assistance is an integral part of these cultural programs.

Program Description

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Language Programs for Individuals

Learn Mandarin Chinese

Learn Chinese in Spain
Learn Mandarin Chinese in China

Learn Spanish (Castilian)

Learn Spanish in China
Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn English (In Spain)

Language Programs for Organization

Mandarin Chinese for Organization
Spanish for Organization

Other Programs

Culture Exchange
Customized Tour for Individuals
Business Travel
Culture Consulting