China Opportunity

China Opportunity Overview

In the past two decades, China’s economic growth has been on a fast track, with an annual growth rate above 8% in most of those years. In 2012, China became the 2nd largest economy in the world.

China’s economic prosperity has attracted corporations from all over the world to expand business operation there; individuals also flux into China for career advancement opportunities.

In parallel, an increasing number of Spanish corporations and individuals have moved to China in recent years for commercial success, career satisfaction, and lifestyle change. And this trend is gaining powerful momentum despite the fact that China is still an unfamiliar land for the vast majority of Spaniards.

Here, we provide you with some opportunities in China that have huge market potential. We will also provide you with necessary assistance to facilitate the implementation of your China adventure.

List of Opportunities in China for Spanish Corporations and Individuals

Below is a short list of opportunities in China that have great demands but in short supply:

China Opportunities for Spanish Corporations

Renewable Energy
Pollution Control
City Waste Processing
Higher Education
Traffic Control Infrastructure
Public Transportation

China Opportunities for Spanish Individuals

Freelance Teacher
Business Representative of Spanish Company to China
Business Representative of Chinese Company to Spain

Our Services

If you and/or the organizations you represent decide to pursue these or other opportunities in China, we are ready to provide assistance necessary for the success of your adventure in China.

We will meet with you about the field of your interest and your objectives, analyze the advantages and disadvantages in your possession, present to you our recommendations of action, initiate negotiation process with Chinese counterparts, Business registration at local authorities, and finalize documentations required by law.


Market Analysis
Evaluation of Personal/Corporation Qualification
Trip to China for Site Visit
Business Application and Registration
Language and Culture Support


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