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Spain Property Service Packages

We have a series of service plans available to our customers to choose from for their Spain real estate investment. Below is a Service-At-A-Glance, followed by detailed descriptions of these services.


1. Spain Property Viewing Tour
2. Property Transaction Service
3. Post-Transaction Services
4. Expedited Spain Visa Service
5. Immigration To Spain As Property Buyer

1. Spain Property Viewing Tour

Buying a real estate property probably is one of the most important purchases for most people. This is not only because of the amount of capitals involved, but more importantly because the degree of satisfaction a property owner will have in the many years of living in the property is largely defined by his first sight of the property. It requires a great caution before finalizing the purchase.

Spain Property Viewing Tour is a customized travel itinerary designed for customers who plan to buy real estate property in Spain. The trip focuses on property viewing in areas of customers’ choice. Various extents of sightseeing and social/cultural events are included to help customers get familiar with the environment, society, and the people of Spain. These aspects can help customers make informed-decision on property purchase.

2. Property Transaction Service

Our service will take care of all details associated with the purchase of Spanish real estate property: contract preparation and signing, property title verification, capital transaction, ownership certification, document legalization, and property registration, etc.

3. Post-Transaction Services

We provide continuous assistance to our customers after their real estate property purchase. Our post-transaction services include:

Vacation Home Maintenance
Rental Property Management
Document Translation
New Resident Orientation
School Application & Enrollment
Life & Career Consulting

4. Expedited Spain Visa Service

To make the process of Spain Property Viewing Tour and later property purchase smoother, we offer our customers Expedited Spain Visa services, with the following options:

- Tourist Schengen Visa
- Business Schengen Visa with Multi-entry Privilege
- Work Visa

5. Immigration To Spain As Property Buyer

For customers seeking permanent resident status in Spain through Spanish property purchase, our in-house legal expert will first have a meeting with you to understand your immigration needs. After assessing your circumstances, our legal team will present to you all available immigration avenues as well as our recommendation that best suits your needs. After you have decided to retain our service, your immigration application case will be taken care of by our legal team until you have succeeded in becoming a legal resident of Spain.


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