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Located on the Iberian Peninsula in southern Europe, Spain had relied on its geographic advantages in history to foster a vast commercial trade network with America, Africa, Pacific islands, as well as the rest of Europe. These commercial activities had brought enormous wealth to Spain, and the territory of Spain had expanded to such an extent that Spain became the first “empire where the Sun never sets” in human history.

The rich heritage from historical pinnacle empowers Spain to remain a major world player in modern time. Today, Spain is the 4th largest economy in the Eurozone. Its economic strength is sustained by abundant natural resources, stable social structure, advanced services industry, as well as continued scientific progress and technology renovation.

The 2008 financial crisis has caused widespread damages to the Spanish economy as a whole, and to the financial well being of individual Spaniards as well. Although Spain has officially come out of the crisis since the second quarter of 2013, dealing with the economic difficulties caused by the crisis remains the primary challenge that Spain is facing. One of the economic recovery measures is the unloading of a wide range of assets by government, business organizations as well as individual households. These assets are for sale at deeply discounted prices and range from real estate to commercial operation, and from private holdings to public services.

As seen repeatedly in history, each financial crisis also creates lucrative investment opportunities for people who have the vision to identify, the courage to seize, and the capital to invest in these opportunities. The current financial crisis is no exception.

We present to you in the subsequent sections the most promising business and investment areas under the current Spanish economic circumstances, and will be glad to help you identify specific product suitable for your investment and career development goal.

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